We are doing continuous r&d to innovate, develop and industrialize solutions for our customers and strategic partners as licensees. The human footprint is enough high and if we considere the worldwide needs for housing, we just continue to dedicate area for humain and removing the natural space. Considering these issues, we want to keep the soil for agriculture and the nature as it is. Using this approach, our product development
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we created safe and environmental solutions
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w e d o r e s e a r c h a n d d e v e l o p m e n t
w e p r o d u c e a n d s e l l s o l a r p a n e l s a n d i n n o v a t i o n s
w e a r e l o o k i n g f o r f u t u r e l i c e n s e e
Description and advantages system for a complete roofing and facade unique and beautiful design models with 30 cells and 60 cells all type of angle for roof, including flat roof panels completely opaque or half transparent or full windows minimal distance of 12mm between photovoltaic modules stainless steel framing, galvanize steel structure plug and play electrical module no cable visible system against lightning easy to install with rails ventilation under the panels electrical system switching off over a level of heat (fire protection)
o r d e r w i t h u s
stone panels facade
green wall
Our company believe that the future belongs to those corporations having a well-defined strategic vision anchored in strong core values. These principles guide our team in all decisions and developments. The relationship and synergy that we are continuously building is important and we want to offer the best for all. Our successful approach make us unique and offering the best solutions in the market.
We are providing the following : quotation in 48 hours for simple project a durable solution a competitive solution a solution following european standard a turn-key solution a solution with precision a quick delivery option a team with expertise worldwide
c o m e a n d v i s i t u s
300,000,000 square meters of solar panels installed per year worldwide 0 competitor with product replacing roof and completely waterproof 3 percent of the global market of producing electricity with solar energy 15 percent of increasing per year for the solar panels market worldwide 25 percent of the solar panels market is for residential units
w e a r e b u i l d i n g a b e t t e r t o m o r r o w
anti-theft system water and dust drained grill to prevent bees and birds heat recuperation system compatible for facade battery or air-compressed to accumulate energy above ground farming, hot water, facade and other options available.
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1- You invest with a contract having commitments and deliveries from both parties 2- We provide all the equipments and machines installation and training support (procurement, sales and technical) exclusivity for a territory exclusive and non-exclusive components a quotation system an exclusive system protected with patents a unique product with many advantages a team doing continuous research and development, innovation and improvements, on products, manufacturing and installation 3- You operate with a quotation organized, customers follow-up tool and sales support, installations with manufacturing processes mastered
Equipments included profiles machine to produce rails for installation processes robot with laser welding unit for panels frame assemblies with high precision (opt) all the assembly jigs and tables for precision rotation table to optimize output complete production line for cells (opt) Procurement assisted complete BOQ including list of recommended suppliers list of exclusive components from solarstyl ® Training included complete training for the sales complete training for quotation and procurement processes complete training for the manufacturing processes complete training on the installation
windows facade
roof solar panels
solar panels
hot water solar
guide us to provide answer in multiples markets. Having products to provide electricity, hot water, facade, above ground farming, we can dress up a complete building with multiple answers and providing comfort with clean energy and technology. Contact us for more informations, we have unique solutions to propose.
Some numbers 13 kg/m2 glass/PVF black sheet modules 25 kg/m2 glass/glass modules resistance of >5400 Pa (600 kg/m2) for pressure or depression supported do it yourself system with <9 kW water tightness, system tested at 225 km wind and water 3l/min/m2
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