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photovoltaic panels and integrated systems
The products
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products available using our unique technology and knowhow
The solarstyl ® product range is in continuous development by integrating innovations, unique applications and by offering a response to specific needs. We are devoting our efforts and resources to build a better tomorrow.
solarStyl® roof, facade and more for construction field solarLit® taylor made sustainable street light solarKub® energy solution for areas without service product line solarstyl® manufactured in Europe
a modular assembly system and its energy efficient components
3 bedrooms
a taylor made solution for having street light sustainable
The solution solarKub ® is a professional solution to provide electricity in a clean and practical way. The self-consumption solar kit with battery aims to produce your own electricity during the day, to store the overage produced in order to reuse it at night. All our kits are modular, expandable and provided with assembly guide and a good guarantee from any manufacturing default.
Unique system for provider : Our solution solarKub ® is the best system to provide electricity to all customers who don't have services today. It is the perfect system and a lower cost solution for remote areas. In less than 2 years depending on the selling price of electricity, the system is paid and the population have comfort and services. The provider can expand is network to all communities.
a powerful solution to solve electricity services for remote areas
(not supplied)
solar panels : 2 units of 30 cells, total 300 Wp battery : NiMh, from -25 to +80 o C, 624 Wh user interface : to recharge your account provider interface : to monitor and control access tracking (optional) : to track all system provided
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Unique system for user : Our solution solarKub ® is the best system for low income family as it is supplied for free in some region by a provider and for some models only. Also, we offer some models for customers who want to buy it without recharge and cost of electricity, as the system will provide electricity without any agreement or contract with a provider, with the same quality.
solar panels : sustainable, assembled and ready to connect cables : 2 units of 10 meters module with battery : connections for USB and 220V (2) mobile phone : activate, recharge and configure your system online
All systems available : solarKub ® sku01 - 150 Wp/312 Wh solarKub ® sku02 - 300 Wp/312 Wh solarKub ® sku03 - 300 Wp/624 Wh solarKub ® skp03 - 300 Wp/624 Wh solarKub ® sku04 - 600 Wp/624 Wh Spare parts and extra components can be purchased to expand the system.
solar panels
mobile phone
module with battery
This panel with the above ground farming configuration, fully integrated into the module system for the roof or facade of all types of buildings.
The integration of greenery in large cities helps to limit the rise in temperatures by paved or concrete areas that store a lot of heat. In addition, the aesthetics and self- sufficiency of city needs, help to strengthen this option, which is essential in the fight against global warming. Greening cities, roofs and facades integrated with our modular system solarStyl ® .
roof or facade build and integrated with solar energy panels
It is made from thin folded stainless steel sheets with a low coefficient of thermal expansion close to glass. It has a mechanical resistance much higher than all the installations. It is "plug and play" system, the electrical connections of the modules are made automatically during the installation process. The modular system is waterproof and airtight as a replacement for roofs and facades.
This panel with the hot water configuration, fully integrated into the module system for the roof or facade of all types of buildings.
This panel with the finishing/cladding configuration, fully integrated into the module system for the roof or facade of all types of buildings.
The solarStyl ® modular system is a building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) system for roofs and facades with high specifications, numerous advantages and options.
The installation will be easy with a precise guide on assembly and ground mounting. 100% autonomous, the solarLit ® product range offers a superior guarantee. The inclination of the photovoltaic module is possible depending on the product models, the recommendations of our technicians and the particularities of your project, in order to optimize the solar energy depending on the geographical area.
With a custom-made design, several esthetics and options are possible. All the prices are adjusted according to the quantities to order. The products are taylored made in Europe and require an average of 1 to 3 months of manufacturing before shipment. Our range of solarLit ® products is at a professional quality level and ensures full autonomy, even for periods without sun.
Some of the options available: USB connections bench serving table marketing boards remote monitoring system battery extreme conditions components for marine area colors / finishing movement detector
A tailor-made approach: Our solarLit ® solution allows all interested customers to submit their request and our team of design, architects and engineers can meet your needs in terms of technical specifications, design and functionality. Our European standards and our rigorous manufacturing processes will meet your quality expectations and requirements.
all products manufactured are commercial grade with european standard
o r d e r w i t h u s
Our company believe that the future belongs to those corporations having a well-defined strategic vision anchored in strong core values. These principles guide our team in all decisions and developments. The relationship and synergy that we are continuously building is important and we want to offer the best for all. Our successful approach make us unique and offering the best solutions in the market.
We are providing the following : quotation in 48 hours for simple project a durable solution a competitive solution a solution following european standard a turn-key solution a solution with precision a quick delivery option a team with expertise worldwide
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All projects by their unique nature are subject to comprehensive analysis and design.
above ground farming
model sku03
model sku03
hot water from solar energy
parking lot lighting, park, bus stop
street lighting, boulevard
park lighting, rest area, square
street lighting, lane, track
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